Data Request Form for non-UMBC Users

The data provided for this request will be based on census data that is used for all official reporting. Please note that IRADS is not authorized to provide information on individuals (SSN’s, names, etc.). For those types of requests you will need to contact the appropriate office, e.g. Registrar, Human Resources.

Please provide a very detailed description of the data you would like to receive. Include the selection criteria (e.g. freshmen only, all graduate students), as well as a time period (e.g. Fall 2013, Academic Year 2012-13). Also describe the layout and grouping of data (e.g. grouped and sorted by ethnicity). A sketch of the expected output would be most helpful in ensuring clear communication of your needs. Also, if you need our help in completing items from a form or survey, please provide a copy of the actual form or survey and any relevant instructions or definitions.

UMBC students and and non-UMBC requesters seeking anonymized record level data for research purposes must have a UMBC faculty or staff sponsor.  The sponsor must submit the request and accept responsibility for receiving and sharing the data with the student / non-UMBC researcher.

NOTE: This request will generate a ticket in UMBC’s Request Tracker (RT) system. You should receive an email confirmation that the ticket has been submitted.

UMBC complies with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In general, FERPA serves to protect the privacy of student education records. Specifically, FERPA limits the release of any information from a student’s education record without prior written consent from the student. FERPA allows for the disclosure of those records, without consent, to school officials with legitimate educational interests. For more information on FERPA visit: